How I became a frontend developer and what I learned from it

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I had been working with software development for more than ten years, but only in the last four years of my career I realized I can call my self a “frontend”.

Okay, from the beginning: My first job was working as an intern on a really small company with a back-office system made in ASP. yeah, not everyone starts your career in a cool startup with fresh new code 🤷‍♂️ After this experience I think I've developed few traumas with frontend development, if you need to create a few hacks to work on IE6, we only talk about javascript to validate forms and that table madness… life wasn’t so good for frontend on those years (and this doesn’t even exist… web master maybe?)

Let’s fast forward a little bit. Around 2011 I started to work in a digital agency and there I was only focused on backend. Well, only until I learned that solving the problem is more important than technology and that an old friend taught me that javascript could be fun and everything changed in my life (thank you (gilini)[], you had no idea how you changed my life). I was still mostly working with backend, but javascript was becoming my biggest love in the next years.

That part is super cute, but I need to admit it... I was that jerk who hated CSS. Do you know why I hated it? it’s because I didn’t understand how to use it (Actually it’s the same reason some backend developers hate it). So, it takes time but I could evolve and learn it and see I was a jerk the whole time :)

Fast forward again and today I work with a lot of backend languages, take care of frontend engineers, and don’t mind working with golang, CSS, rust, or react.

I don’t care about naming, I say that I’m a software engineer because it’s easy. I don’t care to be named backend, full-stack, or frontend. And you now asked me what I learned from this?

Solving the problem is more important than technology

I learned javascript to help in a project. I see people today at Sumup trying to learn frontend or backend to help their teams and achieve great things

If you’re hired as a software engineer is to solve problems and not care what technology, language, or whatever.

The frontend evolves super fast and this is amazing

When I started my career frontend was a lot of tables and today we have amazing things. Javascript is a language with really great features that are evolving every day.

do you remember about that “javascript fatigue” a few time ago? Let me told you that all these new things being created all the time is one of the most fascinating things in the frontend community. You don’t need to learn everything, but see all these things and learning new things is a privilege of our time.

Do what you love and have an open mind

Or maybe: don’t be a jerk.

That’s the basic but sometimes a few people don’t realize that. If you're a backend, it doesn't mean you're better than someone just because of your language or whatever.

Have an open mind, try new things and maybe you’ll find a new love :)

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